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I’ve never been one for facial hair, but in the same token I’ve never liked being clean shaven. I have electric clippers of which leave me with a constant 3-4 day growth of which I think feels most comfortable. I haven’t shaved now for almost a week and the each is getting to me! My wife has put the challenge to me to see how long I can last. She kind of likes the look of it growing, except doesn’t enjoy kissing me now.

Like any typical male, I confidently accepted the challenge and I’m going to see if I can last out a month of growth in order to give me the ability to have some facial hair designs.

What I would like to know from any of my readers out there are some hints and tips along the way. I imagine there are some secrets that go hand in hand with facial hair growth and I’m clearly no expert, so any advice or idea’s would be appreciated muchly!

Happy Growing!


Work has been so stressful over the past 12 months. I’ve suffered a shoulder injury that took 6 months to diagnose correctly as well as having an operation to repair damage sustained in a sporting injury. I also had a chunk of skin torn from my wrist due to a falling item of which was out of my control. Suffice to say, with the injuries that have kept me from sport and the stress of working for family and keeping two companies afloat….it’s taken it’s too to say the least.

I was always one to sit and say depression was all bullshit and is just in your head. I couldn’t fathom the thought of someone playing the poor me card and getting down on themselves day in day out. I have an employee like this and I personally can’t stand to talk to him let alone be around him in that frame of mind, however, I can understand to some degree now. You see, I’ve learnt to understand that depression stems from many factors that may or my not be in your control of which affect motivation as well as the ability to pick yourself up. I’ve been so drawn into the stress of work and everything else that I’ve struggled to get simple things like mowing the lawns or painting around the house done. I battle myself constantly to try get things done and as you can see, it’s affecting my home life.

So with a number of other family problems that exist as well as the stress and depressing state of mine I find myself in due to work, I’m done! I’m moving on!

I’m going to seek out new challenges and a new path in life and find another job where I get paid for the work I do and my efforts are appreciated. More importantly I just want a job where I can go home each night and not think about work until the next day. I’m going to get my life back and the prospect of that thought has me smiling from ear to ear.



I was standing in the shower as you normally do and just thinking away and thought of who if I could send a letter to anyone would it be?

Would you send a letter to a political figure, an artist, musician, judge, actor or actress? I thought about this for some time while I wash my hair and body whilst coming to the realisation there was no damn soap in the shower GAHHHH!!!!

Anyhow I came to the conclusion that it’d have to be someone I had a connection to or otherwise could raise questions with knowing they’d have the knowledge to answer. I’d pick someone who I could relate to, respect. I choose hiphop artist “Eminem”.

Now you might think I’m crazy considering all of the options available, however, let me explain – Eminem has been an artist of whom I grew up listening to. I didn’t care for all the bullshit about drugs and guns and all of that talk that goes on in most hiphop/rap, however, it was eminem’s underlying story that I enjoyed listening to. His talent of which if you understood the way he rhythms words is absolutely out of this world. To try replicate the way he raps in today’s day and age has yet to be done. He is a genius with a talent for words that I respect very much. The reason I’d send him a letter goes deeper though.

I spend so much time trying to help people and giving my all for others. I don’t consider myself selfish by any means and I give my all to anyone who needs it, however, I feel like I long for some form of ‘respect’ that I feel I deserve. I never feel like I get it or nor do I ever feel as if I have had the respect of those around me and those I have helped. Eminem in his music and his public interviews has stated the same thing. He has been chasing this respect from the music community and the public in general for his talent and his ability to pull himself from the life he once lived to the one he has today. During the rise of his music in 98/00 he struggled to get the respect due to being a white artist in a predominant black genre. It’s that desire for respect I find a direct relation to.

Where does this drive for respect come from? I’m not always out to be pat on the back for everything I do, however, the lack of respect given is frustrating and whilst both Eminem and I have completely different circumstances and obviously very different lives, we both seek out the respect we feel we deserve and I guess that’s why I’d send my letter to Eminem. I want to simply ask if after all these years of fame and selling records, does he feel he has the respect now? If so, how will I know when I have the respect I feel I deserve for the things I do? Is there a point or a line where by you nod your head and let it go?

I don’t know where that point is, and maybe one day I’d find it, maybe I won’t, however, I’ll continue to help people and do what I do in order to continue being the best person I can be.

Importance of family

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I’ve since made it no secret that I have a pretty fucked up past. Whilst I left out plenty of detail simply because I couldn’t pull the right words to discuss it, I’m sure you get the idea based on my previous entries.

I no longer have anything to do with my mother and as far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t exist whatsoever. You might think this to be quite sad, however, if you refer back to my previous article on how our lives and characters shape who we are you’ll learn to accept that because you had a rather normal childhood, the thought of not having or accepting you have a mother is one that’s difficult to fathom. Therefore I don’t expect you to understand, but for the interest of this entry, I’ll continue on anyhow.

Having no mother at aged 11 brought on many challenges of which I’ve previously discussed, but you learn to adapt from the way to live your life to tackling the vast challenges you face. Through my later teens and early twenties I had become quite vocal to my friends and people close to me of my situation growing up and they found it very difficult to understand. I’d spend so much time telling people I don’t care about my mothers, I don’t even feel or think about her. These people wouldn’t accept my views and opinions on the matter and insisted deep down I had feelings for her and that I cared bout her very much. This agitated me because here I was telling people how I felt and thought of the situation knowing they had not gone through it, only for them to tell me how I really felt and thought?

What right do people have to tell me how I feel when they couldn’t possibly put themselves in my position. They can try imagine, but frankly, if you haven’t experienced my situation then how could you possibly imagine what I’ve been through? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to dwell on my situation or get all down and out about it, but for my friends to understand why I am the way I am, they need to know as to not get the wrong idea when I react or respond a particular way to a conversation and/or situation.

In reality, I really envy anyone who grew up in a complete family. Waking up to a mother and father who both deeply care for you and your future as well as providing the best life for you they possibly could. I never had this and I truly envy those who had a great childhood. It makes me smile knowing other people in the world got to have what I didn’t. I’m not a greedy person by any stretch of the imagination, whilst I envy ones childhood, I certainly don’t ‘wish’ I had that childhood as I’m quite content and happy with my life. I accept that what I went through and continue to go through makes me a stronger human being. I know I can help others who have been in my situation. I’m a warrior at heart and I don’t give up EVER.

The one thing that always did bother me though; those very people who had a fantastic childhood would sometimes make the comment in their teens “I hate my parents, I wish they would die. I just wish they would let me do what I wanted and would give me what I wanted”. I could BITCH SLAP those very people for those comments. How dare they say such things with many in the world would die for what they had. How dare they crucify their parents for caring about their life. This rattles my bones to no end and I know it still happens today.

I work for myself mainly, but within a couple of family owned companies. I put my blood and sweat into this place. We don’t make a fortune, but a comfortable living to a degree. I will always fight for a living because I know what’s like to have nothing. I know what it’s like to have everything repossessed due to the actions of a complete selfish person (my mother), so as you could imagine, I certainly won’t put myself back in that situation again. Not while I’m fighting fit, not in this life time. Working for and with family doesn’t come with any benefits though. The constant arguing, the struggle to differentiate boss from employee and employee from boss… it’s a daily struggle to do your job in remember that this is a work place and as such respect must be shown for those who hold positions. That’s easier said than done!

My sister has moved back to Australia after 14 years in Alaska due to family issues. However, her return hasn’t been without problems. Dad and her have not got on at all, and dad’s new wife is certainly making things equally as difficult for her. I’ve tried to stay out of it though because I don’t want to get involved. I only have one side of the story and whilst that is the case, one would assume that regardless of which side of the story you have, we’re all adults and equal respect should be shown. Some of the bullshit my sister has been told from dad is disgusting. Some of his comments are below par and I have lost quite a substantial respect for him. He fought for hell and leather to get her back to Australia to make right all the wrong he did 14-20 years ago only for her to return and get treated the same way. I thought we put this behind us? Why now does it continue?

My dad is quick to make common knowledge of everyone’s mistakes and problems as well as ensuring we all know that we’re to blame for all the screws up’s around here, but does he think at 53 he’s all he can be?

I know I have problems, I know I need help and I know that for the rest of my life I’ll continue to learn, grow, and make myself a better person on a daily basis. This I accept as a human being. This I accept the norm as does 99% of the population. At 53 does he feel he is all he can be? Does he feel the rules don’t apply to him and that what he says is the truth and anything but?

I’m sorry but we’re all paddling the same canoe. We all must work together as a population to improved everything we do in life. Treating people with disrespect and disregard only to tell those very people that’s what they’re doing? I don’t get it. I can’t fathom it and I refuse to accept it. I don’t care if you’re a boss or an employee. Each and every person in a work place, at home, or anywhere in life must treat each other equally to garnish positive results. I just wish everyone around me would see this.

I work so hard to make myself a better person and despite all the bullshit and problems that continues to develop around me, I fight to keep these companies running for my family. I sacrifice my happiness and time for my family all the while it takes a severe toll on my mental state. I make that sacrifice for family! Family in my eyes is important. Without it we don’t have anything because at the end of the day I live and die by one saying.

“When we die, all we take with us are our memories of friends, family and life experiences”.

When I’m on my death bed I like the idea of being able to say I lived a successful and complete life with my friends and family at my side. I’ll be able to think about my life and smile from ear to ear in happiness for all that I have experienced and done whilst helping out as much people in life as I could. That to me is what being successful is all about. Leaving the world knowing you had a positive impact on peoples lives and on this planet.

I feel I’m the only person in my family who feels this way. My whole family went through different challenges and obstacles and it’s shaped who we are as people. None of us are the same and so we don’t have the same views and morals on certain topics of which I imagine is the norm, however I really do feel that some of my views and morals should be taken on board as extremely positive and would change our lives for the better.

In a world filled with negativity and bad things, I’ll raise a beer and smile knowing I’m making change. I’m making a difference be it small or large, I’m playing out my roll on this planet to the best of my ability and if I can change and shape others lives for the better then that’s something I’ll strive for.

It’s always been well known that most people at heart are very generous in nature. They’ll always go out of their way to help the needy and do what they can to make a difference. Today I received an e-mail with a donation to our team for the 100km hike from one of my clients.

About a two weeks ago I sent an e-mail to a few of my clients letting them know of the challenge we were taking on and whether they could spare some change to support a great cause but also support our team. I wasn’t expecting anything out of the e-mail so long as they had a read of it and made them aware of the event, however, this morning I got an e-mail with a hefty $1000 donation to our team from one of my clients. I am so forever grateful for their kindness and support. I for one have never experienced first hand people’s willingness to help out and it’s such a nice feeling when some of it comes your way.

I know they won’t read this, but I thank them so much for the donation as well as everyone else that has donated so far. Our goal is $3000 and I’ll do my best to get there before the event takes place in October.


If there are any willing readers who would like to take a moment to read our team info as well a the challenge itself then feel free to head to our team page and if you too could help support our team as well as poverty then it would be greatly appreciated!



About October last year I made the decision to boycott social media. Yes I do have a twitter account for this blog and rest assured it’s obviously fairly new, however, I no longer as an individual take part in social media. It was a decision not taken lightly and a number of factors played their part. I weighed up the pro’s and con’s and eventually made the decision I did and in all honesty, I’ve lived a much more fulfilled and happier life since. Let me explain why.

Social media upon it’s rise to stardom in 2006 saw people registering accounts like wildfire. It was fantastic to have a page where you could connect and personalise with people. Let’s be honest though, we all had the ability to do this before, but the likes of Facebook ad Myspace made it simpler and easier for the world to connect. In it’s youth social media was fantastic! You could connect with people you otherwise lost contact with and could keep relationships maintained over long distances. Times have changed though. Social media is no longer used for it’s original design. It’s now used for business exposure, traffic and for those personal users – brag and complain about your life to the world.

It’s become all too common where by someone will post a photo of what they’re having for dinner, or brag about how cute their baby is, or even photo’s of themselves in front of a mirror where they hope for hundreds of likes and shares to help make them feel good about themselves. Don’t get me started on the people who get pissed off when you delete them or don’t stay in touch with them on social media… For crying out loud! What happened to human interaction and social intervention. Technology has got to the point where it’s being used for the wrong reasons. 

I got tired of the drama of everyone’s lives showing up on my wall where by I’ll read, it’ll tick me off or otherwise get me down. I don’t need that! They’re not my problems and it’s nice to vent and get things off your chest, but being bombarded with negativity day in day out is just ridiculous! I have friends who get far too involved in each others lives and what each are doing and I’d be out with them and find myself weighing in on discussions and topics that really I had no right t be discussing as they had nothing to do with me. I found myself fallen in a trap where by drama, complaining, negativity, sooky la la was a day to day norm for me. I got to the point where I had a complete gut-full of it all.

So I deleted 6 years of social media accounts and history to start fresh and make the first step to be a happier person. Everyone laughed at me suggesting I wouldn’t go through with it or I wouldn’t last and suffice to say it’s been 6 months and I honestly haven’t even considered going back. It’s a rather refreshing feeling. My friends have to call me on the phone or sms me to find out what I’m doing or if I’d like to do something, and the every day drama of their lives no longer affect mine. I go out for dinner with them or just catch up over a couple of drinks and I find myself listening to this conversations about other people and deep down I smile knowing I have moved on from the bickering and BS of the drama. I sit back and I just listen whilst not weighing in on debates and discussions about others.

I’ve become a better person by removing social media from my life. I’ve turned a new leaf and it’s a damn good one too!

I think the world would do a lot of good by removing social media from our lives, not to hurt any business agenda’s or anything, but more to allow people to be more real with one another. Build better social relationships and learn social skills you otherwise can’t learn with the use of social media. It’s a trap you fall into but once out of it it’s like taking a breath of fresh air in the Siberian forest. It’s clean, fresh and nature filled. Once again I feel the norm of life again and smile knowing I’m a better person for this decisions and no one can take that freedom from me.

Morning coffee

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My fiancée  hates mornings. I’ve battled with her for years to get out of bed when she should as she’s always late for work and just about anything she has planned for that matter. I don’t think we’re built to be either nighthawks or early risers so she seems to think, I think we simply determine one of the other of ourselves based on our habits and lifestyle. My fiancée has this habit of wanting to clean the dishes if not the whole house late at night and then complains to me when she’s tired in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t exactly go to be early either, but she starts tasks that take some time to complete at god awful hours of the evening. I can’t for the life of me get the woman to change!

The mornings are probably when our relationship is at it’s worst. I can get out of bed and get ready for work and give her a kiss on the forehead as I do every morning and say goodbye, however, if I dare try have a conversation with her as soon as she gets up, the biggest earthquake to have hit this planet seems to show it’s wrath. She’s an evil woman in the morning. In-fact dare I say it – a complete bitch monster!

If there was any major difference between her and I, one thing that we never saw eye to eye on, or the laws of attraction itself pull us apart – it’s that I’m a happy, cheery conversational type in the morning and she is NOT! It’s kind of ironic though really; I more or less work for myself and have a number of staff under me of whom I keep busy day to day. I run two companies of which provides services to a number of clients including local governments and so I get up in the morning, kiss my wife to be on the forehead and head off to my local coffee shop for refreshing coffee as the morning smells infused with the aroma of coffee rush through my body. By the time my day is well on it’s way my fiancée drags herself out of bed and is always at least 30 minutes late for work. I get home at anywhere between 1500 to 1700 of which is the norm if you work for yourself and I’m sure many will understand what I mean by that. I tend to do what I have to do when I get home and then just start to fall into my relaxing state whilst enjoying a game of something on my computer or tinkering in the shed. By the time my fiancée gets home of which by this stage could be 1800 to 2000 she wants to have full fledged conversations with me as if I’m still the chatty conversational type I was in the morning. I do try to do the dutiful thing and listen to the best of my ability……that is until she asks me a question about what she was talking about of which I can’t answer because I clearly wasn’t listening!

It’s quite funny that at both morning and night we’re both complete opposites. Obviously we both settle and find a way to keep each other happy, but if there were any battles a relationship faces you’d think this was somewhat minor? It’s far from it really, it’s just a never ending war of which I find quite a lot of humour in to her dismay of course.