Generosity of people

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s always been well known that most people at heart are very generous in nature. They’ll always go out of their way to help the needy and do what they can to make a difference. Today I received an e-mail with a donation to our team for the 100km hike from one of my clients.

About a two weeks ago I sent an e-mail to a few of my clients letting them know of the challenge we were taking on and whether they could spare some change to support a great cause but also support our team. I wasn’t expecting anything out of the e-mail so long as they had a read of it and made them aware of the event, however, this morning I got an e-mail with a hefty $1000 donation to our team from one of my clients. I am so forever grateful for their kindness and support. I for one have never experienced first hand people’s willingness to help out and it’s such a nice feeling when some of it comes your way.

I know they won’t read this, but I thank them so much for the donation as well as everyone else that has donated so far. Our goal is $3000 and I’ll do my best to get there before the event takes place in October.


If there are any willing readers who would like to take a moment to read our team info as well a the challenge itself then feel free to head to our team page and if you too could help support our team as well as poverty then it would be greatly appreciated!


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