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Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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About October last year I made the decision to boycott social media. Yes I do have a twitter account for this blog and rest assured it’s obviously fairly new, however, I no longer as an individual take part in social media. It was a decision not taken lightly and a number of factors played their part. I weighed up the pro’s and con’s and eventually made the decision I did and in all honesty, I’ve lived a much more fulfilled and happier life since. Let me explain why.

Social media upon it’s rise to stardom in 2006 saw people registering accounts like wildfire. It was fantastic to have a page where you could connect and personalise with people. Let’s be honest though, we all had the ability to do this before, but the likes of Facebook ad Myspace made it simpler and easier for the world to connect. In it’s youth social media was fantastic! You could connect with people you otherwise lost contact with and could keep relationships maintained over long distances. Times have changed though. Social media is no longer used for it’s original design. It’s now used for business exposure, traffic and for those personal users – brag and complain about your life to the world.

It’s become all too common where by someone will post a photo of what they’re having for dinner, or brag about how cute their baby is, or even photo’s of themselves in front of a mirror where they hope for hundreds of likes and shares to help make them feel good about themselves. Don’t get me started on the people who get pissed off when you delete them or don’t stay in touch with them on social media… For crying out loud! What happened to human interaction and social intervention. Technology has got to the point where it’s being used for the wrong reasons. 

I got tired of the drama of everyone’s lives showing up on my wall where by I’ll read, it’ll tick me off or otherwise get me down. I don’t need that! They’re not my problems and it’s nice to vent and get things off your chest, but being bombarded with negativity day in day out is just ridiculous! I have friends who get far too involved in each others lives and what each are doing and I’d be out with them and find myself weighing in on discussions and topics that really I had no right t be discussing as they had nothing to do with me. I found myself fallen in a trap where by drama, complaining, negativity, sooky la la was a day to day norm for me. I got to the point where I had a complete gut-full of it all.

So I deleted 6 years of social media accounts and history to start fresh and make the first step to be a happier person. Everyone laughed at me suggesting I wouldn’t go through with it or I wouldn’t last and suffice to say it’s been 6 months and I honestly haven’t even considered going back. It’s a rather refreshing feeling. My friends have to call me on the phone or sms me to find out what I’m doing or if I’d like to do something, and the every day drama of their lives no longer affect mine. I go out for dinner with them or just catch up over a couple of drinks and I find myself listening to this conversations about other people and deep down I smile knowing I have moved on from the bickering and BS of the drama. I sit back and I just listen whilst not weighing in on debates and discussions about others.

I’ve become a better person by removing social media from my life. I’ve turned a new leaf and it’s a damn good one too!

I think the world would do a lot of good by removing social media from our lives, not to hurt any business agenda’s or anything, but more to allow people to be more real with one another. Build better social relationships and learn social skills you otherwise can’t learn with the use of social media. It’s a trap you fall into but once out of it it’s like taking a breath of fresh air in the Siberian forest. It’s clean, fresh and nature filled. Once again I feel the norm of life again and smile knowing I’m a better person for this decisions and no one can take that freedom from me.

  1. rena says:

    Awesome, hope you have not fallen off the band wagon, I have been off social media for nearly 2 years now and life is productive, drama free and my own!

    • leevers says:

      No no, still around – just been busy with a few things, but will certainly be writing some more. I’m not completely off social media, but it certainly doesn’t control my life anymore. Best thing I did was walk away from it!

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