Who would you send a letter to?

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I was standing in the shower as you normally do and just thinking away and thought of who if I could send a letter to anyone would it be?

Would you send a letter to a political figure, an artist, musician, judge, actor or actress? I thought about this for some time while I wash my hair and body whilst coming to the realisation there was no damn soap in the shower GAHHHH!!!!

Anyhow I came to the conclusion that it’d have to be someone I had a connection to or otherwise could raise questions with knowing they’d have the knowledge to answer. I’d pick someone who I could relate to, respect. I choose hiphop artist “Eminem”.

Now you might think I’m crazy considering all of the options available, however, let me explain – Eminem has been an artist of whom I grew up listening to. I didn’t care for all the bullshit about drugs and guns and all of that talk that goes on in most hiphop/rap, however, it was eminem’s underlying story that I enjoyed listening to. His talent of which if you understood the way he rhythms words is absolutely out of this world. To try replicate the way he raps in today’s day and age has yet to be done. He is a genius with a talent for words that I respect very much. The reason I’d send him a letter goes deeper though.

I spend so much time trying to help people and giving my all for others. I don’t consider myself selfish by any means and I give my all to anyone who needs it, however, I feel like I long for some form of ‘respect’ that I feel I deserve. I never feel like I get it or nor do I ever feel as if I have had the respect of those around me and those I have helped. Eminem in his music and his public interviews has stated the same thing. He has been chasing this respect from the music community and the public in general for his talent and his ability to pull himself from the life he once lived to the one he has today. During the rise of his music in 98/00 he struggled to get the respect due to being a white artist in a predominant black genre. It’s that desire for respect I find a direct relation to.

Where does this drive for respect come from? I’m not always out to be pat on the back for everything I do, however, the lack of respect given is frustrating and whilst both Eminem and I have completely different circumstances and obviously very different lives, we both seek out the respect we feel we deserve and I guess that’s why I’d send my letter to Eminem. I want to simply ask if after all these years of fame and selling records, does he feel he has the respect now? If so, how will I know when I have the respect I feel I deserve for the things I do? Is there a point or a line where by you nod your head and let it go?

I don’t know where that point is, and maybe one day I’d find it, maybe I won’t, however, I’ll continue to help people and do what I do in order to continue being the best person I can be.

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