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Posted: April 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Work has been so stressful over the past 12 months. I’ve suffered a shoulder injury that took 6 months to diagnose correctly as well as having an operation to repair damage sustained in a sporting injury. I also had a chunk of skin torn from my wrist due to a falling item of which was out of my control. Suffice to say, with the injuries that have kept me from sport and the stress of working for family and keeping two companies afloat….it’s taken it’s too to say the least.

I was always one to sit and say depression was all bullshit and is just in your head. I couldn’t fathom the thought of someone playing the poor me card and getting down on themselves day in day out. I have an employee like this and I personally can’t stand to talk to him let alone be around him in that frame of mind, however, I can understand to some degree now. You see, I’ve learnt to understand that depression stems from many factors that may or my not be in your control of which affect motivation as well as the ability to pick yourself up. I’ve been so drawn into the stress of work and everything else that I’ve struggled to get simple things like mowing the lawns or painting around the house done. I battle myself constantly to try get things done and as you can see, it’s affecting my home life.

So with a number of other family problems that exist as well as the stress and depressing state of mine I find myself in due to work, I’m done! I’m moving on!

I’m going to seek out new challenges and a new path in life and find another job where I get paid for the work I do and my efforts are appreciated. More importantly I just want a job where I can go home each night and not think about work until the next day. I’m going to get my life back and the prospect of that thought has me smiling from ear to ear.



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