The Beard!

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’ve never been one for facial hair, but in the same token I’ve never liked being clean shaven. I have electric clippers of which leave me with a constant 3-4 day growth of which I think feels most comfortable. I haven’t shaved now for almost a week and the each is getting to me! My wife has put the challenge to me to see how long I can last. She kind of likes the look of it growing, except doesn’t enjoy kissing me now.

Like any typical male, I confidently accepted the challenge and I’m going to see if I can last out a month of growth in order to give me the ability to have some facial hair designs.

What I would like to know from any of my readers out there are some hints and tips along the way. I imagine there are some secrets that go hand in hand with facial hair growth and I’m clearly no expert, so any advice or idea’s would be appreciated muchly!

Happy Growing!

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