Step 1 – Seek help

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Well technically step one would be admitting you have a problem, but in this case no admission is required.

Today whilst embarrassed to do so, I sought help from my GP regarding my thoughts on having depression. It’s clear I have issues that are that out of the norm and as such he’s placed me on a Mental Health Plan of which consists of 10 sessions with a psychologist in order to build an analysis on what’s going on.

Many believe there is a stigma on depression and that might be so, however, stigma or not, it’s extremely hard to seek help and push your pride to the side. I believe that’s half the problem with many people. I know I’m strong willed hence why I could put my pride to the side and don’t get me wrong… this wasn’t easy! However, I don’t imagine it’s as simple as that for many hence the stigma.

I wish I could sit here and say I feel better already for seeking help, but I honestly don’t. I feel even more vulnerable than I did before and I still have my doubts.

My first session is on Wednesday. I can only hope it’s the first step forward in my seeking understanding and happiness.

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