Relationship woes

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I haven’t been making any posts lately simply to just steer clear of everything that gets me down. I have been seeking help and to just discuss things is quite helpful in better understanding the person I am. Never the less, no matter where we walk in life, we are constantly thrown obstacles and the challenge is sometimes getting over them

My most recent road block comes as some time ago I discovered a conversation that had taken place on a facebook message between my fiancée and one of her ex boyfriends who might I add did the dirty on her with another woman. She was discussing our relationship with him and then proceeded to say things like “there will always be a place for you in my heart”.

Let me make something clear though, I understand they continued to be friends and certainly have no problem with her talking to him, and nor am I a jealous person. However, when you’re having a conversation to an ex-boyfriend about your relationship in detail that shouldn’t be disclosed to someone who otherwise cheated on you and clearly has no idea how to respect the woman he’s in a relationship with I find hard to accept.

It kind of breaks my heard to think they she would go to someone like that and say those things behind my back and to top it off then tell him she still has a place for him in her heart. She might as well tell him she still loves him.

I swallowed this discovery not knowing how to approach it with her for just over a year now and I approached her regarding it recently to which she didn’t exactly openly apologise but merely left me with “you don’t understand the relationship we had”. She then proceeded to tell me that her and I have a different relationship than what they had and basically he’s a different person. I asked her what is it he can provide you that I can’t or haven’t already? I’ve respected you, cherished you, loved you, provided in many ways for you, been there for you, made sacrifices for you….. What else am I to do? You tell me you love me but then go and do that? You say yes to my marriage proposal having knowingly done what you did?


ARGHHHHHH This sort of thing does my head in. Woman have no flipping idea how much a man surrenders his emotions to a relationship. This sort of shit hurts and cuts deep even if it is minor. I can get over it and I’m sure I will, but I feel disrespected and it sucks 😦

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