Family and work

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We’ve all heard the same advice from many people before us, however, the advice of “Never work with family” rings true daily in my life. With my father the managing director, me the operations manager and my brother an employee who rebels on every little instruction and direction, compelled by laziness and his false perception that he is fantastic at what he does at the tender age of 21. He does my head in every damn day, but how far do you go when dealing with family? I would have sacked any other employee so would it be viewed as a dog act to sack him?

My brother has never worked for another employer in this industry and since completing his apprenticeship with us, he has stayed on as a technical employee, however, he doesn’t have this thirst for knowledge or pure drive of passion with what he does. He needs to go work for someone else and be treated like every other employee before he understands how easy of a life he leads. He needs to learn to take responsibility for his actions both on the job and in his every day life. He believes his out of work actions don’t reflect on work, but when he makes stupid decisions in his car resulting in police wanting him to take his vehicle over the pits, he needs time off work to do so and thus it’s always short notice. He is a prime example why working for family is a big no no.

Dad and I have had a rough working relationship at times and it sometimes spills out into the workshop where the other staff can hear and see what goes on. The problem with this is they tend to lose respect for you for it, but also feel awkward working in an environment where this takes place. It’s something we try to keep behind closed doors, however, it’s also sometimes just one of those things that happens. Dad and I have a different way of approaching situations and and as such make different decisions. Dad is the managing director so for all intensive purposes what he says goes. Unfortunately I’m his son and regardless where I sit in the chain of command, I feel compelled to challenge certain decisions and situations. The irony here is the fact here I am doing the same thing at a different level as my brother is. Hence, once again, working with family is flawed.


I’ve touched based on some negative situations when working with family, however, I should also mention that there are some huge benefits too. I can leave work when I like, I can spend the business money how I like, and I can ultimately take control of my job without being dictated in any major way of how I do things. I have a huge passion for what I do and as a tradesmen I have immense pride in what I do. Those who sit in an office day to day behind a screen think of us as no bodies, however, I can quite easily do the same, but why sit behind four walls in front of a screen when I can use my hands and brain and challenge myself daily with different problems? It’s us tradesmen that keep the world moving. We maintain the very things you take for granted in every day life. I’m derailing from my topic slightly here, however, I think I make my point.

All in all, working with family has side effects on personal relationships as well as the families ability to socialise with one another out side of work. On the flip side though, we’re all building and working towards our own incomes and growth and at the end of the day living a more relaxed lifestyle directed by ourselves is far more enjoyable than that of someone who works for someone else. Granted, at times I do wonder whether working for someone else would be easier? Some food for thought.

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