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I was sitting with a few friends over lunch after a grueling 15km hike over a 300m incline that I wish upon no one. So it came as no surprise that the next thing I wanted was a feed and a nice cold pint of beer.

Upon sitting down, discussion came up about my wedding of which at the time was two weeks away from taking place. I was asked whether I was having a bucks and whether my gf was having a hens night. I told them that we weren’t and quite simply because we didn’t feel getting drunk and having a good time should stop after we’re married?

The conversation quickly digressed into a discussion about how women act during a hens night. At this point my passion for this particular topic came to light.

What is it with women? They get a BF and sex is great during the first couple of years and then she slowly puts out less and less and no matter how much effort you put in to being romantic or change things up, she just loses interest in sex. She loves you and can’t imagine being with anyone else, but just isn’t as interested in sex as she previously was. THEN a few more years go by and you propose followed by the infamous hens night.

All of a sudden it’s like a switch has been switched ¬†and everything becomes about penis paraphernalia and flashing accessories all the while they dress in slutty outfits and head to male strippers and grope every possible appendage as if it’s accepted form of behavior on what is supposed to be your last bit of single fun. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing attractive or accepted about this grotesque disgusting behavior. All of a sudden it becomes about penis and sex. Hell, there is a bloke at home that wants to marry you and you neglect his sexual needs and are flaunting your desire for every other mans penis? Something isn’t quite right about that.

We go to a bucks night, get drunk, watch a toy show and head to the strippers, however, they generally are somewhat well behaved within reason. We certainly aren’t allowed to touch a stripper in any way so that rules out groping, and we don’t flaunt around town wearing flashing vagina’s. Yet men get painting with this false image of only ever thinking about ‘sex’. Last time I checked, the girl that gets chased for the one night stand is the one that is good for nothing more. Her personality is otherwise dull and is not one you’d see yourself spending anything other than the night with.

95% of men will take intellect and brains over a woman with shoveled on make up and a tiny skirt with knee high boots – nothing screams desperation and insecurity more than a woman that needs a shovel to clean the shit off her face the next morning.

Am I being unreasonable? I don’t think so. I’m certainly not sexist as there are some fantastic woman out there who don’t act like this, but I just can’t fathom as to why men get painted with all these false and incorrect perceptions and titles that otherwise is proven otherwise on these so called ‘last day single’ nights.

Here’s a few little facts for you ladies!

  • Men find it quite disgusting and awkward when his woman wears nothing but slutty clothing. Who are you trying to impress? You’ve already got your guy so clearly you have other motives behind your dress choice.
  • Men are more mentally committed to a relationship than a woman is… A bit of a shock huh?
  • Men don’t handle cheating or break ups well and in 85% of cases are more loyal than women.
  • Your man will endeavor to give you everything and do everything he possibly can for you, don’t take it for granted.
  • Men have a high sex drive, but don’t mistake that for not wanting a woman with brains, intellect and self-respect.

All in all, our society needs a bit of a cultural shake up to clear these so called grey clouds and false perceptions and bring light to the party the truth and facts.

I’m sorry but you women on these penis craving hens nights are gross, disgusting and nothing short of the expectations of pigs.

/rant over