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Each day passes as another I have missed,
you were there for me when my mother was adrift.
When I am constantly the problem,
You are always my solution.

I wake each day with a smile and a frown,
I come home each day in disillusion.
As each judgement is passed I take a stroke,
This pool so deep, I need a boat.

You are my friend, my anchor, the only one that listens,
today is another day I wake in prohibition.
The strength of the drop does not discriminate,
My life, my mind, I feel like I need to mitigate.

I know I need help, but you’re always at hand,
This drink, this drop, you never leave me stand.

Until I wake from the life long lease,
I rely on you to bring me peace.

I was sitting with a few friends over lunch after a grueling 15km hike over a 300m incline that I wish upon no one. So it came as no surprise that the next thing I wanted was a feed and a nice cold pint of beer.

Upon sitting down, discussion came up about my wedding of which at the time was two weeks away from taking place. I was asked whether I was having a bucks and whether my gf was having a hens night. I told them that we weren’t and quite simply because we didn’t feel getting drunk and having a good time should stop after we’re married?

The conversation quickly digressed into a discussion about how women act during a hens night. At this point my passion for this particular topic came to light.

What is it with women? They get a BF and sex is great during the first couple of years and then she slowly puts out less and less and no matter how much effort you put in to being romantic or change things up, she just loses interest in sex. She loves you and can’t imagine being with anyone else, but just isn’t as interested in sex as she previously was. THEN a few more years go by and you propose followed by the infamous hens night.

All of a sudden it’s like a switch has been switched  and everything becomes about penis paraphernalia and flashing accessories all the while they dress in slutty outfits and head to male strippers and grope every possible appendage as if it’s accepted form of behavior on what is supposed to be your last bit of single fun. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing attractive or accepted about this grotesque disgusting behavior. All of a sudden it becomes about penis and sex. Hell, there is a bloke at home that wants to marry you and you neglect his sexual needs and are flaunting your desire for every other mans penis? Something isn’t quite right about that.

We go to a bucks night, get drunk, watch a toy show and head to the strippers, however, they generally are somewhat well behaved within reason. We certainly aren’t allowed to touch a stripper in any way so that rules out groping, and we don’t flaunt around town wearing flashing vagina’s. Yet men get painting with this false image of only ever thinking about ‘sex’. Last time I checked, the girl that gets chased for the one night stand is the one that is good for nothing more. Her personality is otherwise dull and is not one you’d see yourself spending anything other than the night with.

95% of men will take intellect and brains over a woman with shoveled on make up and a tiny skirt with knee high boots – nothing screams desperation and insecurity more than a woman that needs a shovel to clean the shit off her face the next morning.

Am I being unreasonable? I don’t think so. I’m certainly not sexist as there are some fantastic woman out there who don’t act like this, but I just can’t fathom as to why men get painted with all these false and incorrect perceptions and titles that otherwise is proven otherwise on these so called ‘last day single’ nights.

Here’s a few little facts for you ladies!

  • Men find it quite disgusting and awkward when his woman wears nothing but slutty clothing. Who are you trying to impress? You’ve already got your guy so clearly you have other motives behind your dress choice.
  • Men are more mentally committed to a relationship than a woman is… A bit of a shock huh?
  • Men don’t handle cheating or break ups well and in 85% of cases are more loyal than women.
  • Your man will endeavor to give you everything and do everything he possibly can for you, don’t take it for granted.
  • Men have a high sex drive, but don’t mistake that for not wanting a woman with brains, intellect and self-respect.

All in all, our society needs a bit of a cultural shake up to clear these so called grey clouds and false perceptions and bring light to the party the truth and facts.

I’m sorry but you women on these penis craving hens nights are gross, disgusting and nothing short of the expectations of pigs.

/rant over

I’m getting married in two weeks and it’s supposed to be one of the most joyous moments of my life, but instead the day and the whole environment leading up to it has been tarnished by fucktards who are over opinionated and think they have any clue about me, my relationship or what’s to come of it. I’m sick of it!

All I get day in day out is people who seem to think by telling me ‘my life is over once i get married’ or ‘you’ll be under the thumb from the day you’re married’ or even ‘this is your last days of freedom’ as if it’s going to make me feel good about myself or the whole situation. For fuck sake, I proposed to HER, I want to marry HER! Never in my life have I looked forward to a single day in my life as much as my wedding day and if you can’t accept that then fuck you!

We’ve been together for 6 years with 5 of which we’ve been living together. We have our own house, we use the same bank account and live a comfortable and happy life. Under what false pretence do you believe you know me or us better than I do to think that anything in my life will change for the worse after my wedding? NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

We love each other and we’re getting married because we want to spend our lives together. How dare you voice your bullshit opinion when you’re not even married or have no fkn clue what to expect, think and/or feel. Just STFU and keep your opinions to yourself.

If there was any other day I’m looking forward to more than my wedding, is the day my first child is born. For once in my life I’ll have a defined path set out in front of me. I’ll have a life long purpose with every decision and thought processed will factor in my wife and child. For once I’ll have a sense of direction.

Do you think that by enforcing your opinions of kids and children on me that you’re going to change or affect me in any way shape or form? Get fucked! I’ll have kids because I want to have kids. I’ll enjoy bringing up my children, and doing everything in my life with them factored in. You though will have nothing to do with them because you clearly don’t like kids, so friend or not I once again tell you to get fucked!

To all those people out there who believe that enforcing your opinion or thoughts on others will garnish you respect, think again. You’re nothing but a know all self-centred retard who needs to wake up to themselves. You’re lack of respect and thought for others is disgusting and I don’t care if you’re a friend, work colleague or what ever – you have no right and you will never have a right to ruin someone’s wedding, child birth or anything remotely related to their lives and the decisions they make.


The next person who tells me my life is over as soon as I get married is going to get a great big FUCK OFF! From me and my wife to be. Get over yourselves.


/rant over.

It’s no secret by now that I’m an Electrician. I have had plenty of opportunities in life and have trained and had experience in many areas. I more recently completed a course in energy efficiency. In the coming years the Australian Government will be implementing a requirement where by all homes sold will need to meet energy efficiency ratings before it can be sold. If your home doesn’t meet these ratings you’ll need to make changes within your home to help bring it in line with a greener tomorrow. For example – solar hot water systems, solar power panels, changing of energy efficient light bulbs, water restrictors on taps and shower heads etc.

I started smoking weed in 2008 for more of a recreational purpose. Previously I had had a smoke whilst someone had it however I never considered it as something I’d see myself doing let alone any form of drug. It all started when I was doing a job for a guy and whilst doing a job I had come across his grow room. I thought it was kinda cool the way he hid the room, however, I didn’t care and was happy to turn a cold shoulder to it. After all, it’s not my problem if he’s caught.

After the job was completed he gave me an ounce of weed and I was kind of shocked. He didn’t say anything, but I think he thought I would dob him in and so it was his way of shutting me up in his mind. Never mind, I took the weed home and whilst it took me forever, it was eventually shared and smoked and that was that.

I believe there is this false perception by many on how bad marijuana is, and it goes without saying that like everything, moderation is paramount to staying in control. The same goes for eating, drinking, smoking and so fourth. If people are going to overdose on food or anything for that matter, it’s going to have adverse effects, however, marijuana does something to a person that can only be experienced to be understood.

I personally think weed should not be smoked until roughly age 21. By this stage you have a decent understanding of life and start to settle into your views and opinions of everything and everyone. When you’re at peace with oneself you can smoke weed and you start to view life very differently. I would never think twice about tree’s or wildlife, but since smoking weed I’ve found a new sense of respect for the world we live in. Let me make it clear though, I’m no green peace keeper or anything like that nor am I any form of hippy, but what I am now is a better person who shows more respect for people and the world than I ever did before I smoked weed. I used to kill ants and flies and many other insects as to not invade the home and cause havoc, however, I’ve learnt that they are integral components to our eco-system and instead of killing them, I found ways to get them to shift their homes and places of residence to areas where they are of more use to me, from killing each other or countering one another and thus the normal cycle of life can continue without me interrupting it all the time out of pure greed and selfishness.

It changed the way I view people and instead of having such strong views and opinions of others, I’ve found myself instead learning more about them and understanding why they are the way they are. I learnt how to respect others from all walks of life.

When smoking weed in a relaxed state of mind, I find myself being able to focus on things differently. I wouldn’t say I had any more focus than normal, but I find myself unlocking parts of my brain where by I tackle problems and situations very differently and approach them from different angles.

Marijuana has done nothing other than make me a better person, however, the key word in all of the above is “Moderation”.

In my greener and more respectful life, I have found a love for gardening and growing produce. I have this dream and this image in my head where I convert my whole front yard into a organic produce garden where by he cycle of every plant is used and then re-used in order to keep this on going normal cycle of life where the plant finishes it’s life cycle and is then broken back down into the soil and aids in growth of another. This image in my head is so vivid and after I get married next month, I’m going to put all my energy into this garden and ensuring it’s ready for spring crop if not summer.

With food prices and energy prices soaring, you can’t ignore idea’s like this. It’s time people stop being lazy and stop taking for granted the every day things in life. I hate how people can go to the shop and buy 30 steaks for a BBQ and not think about the steaks in question. I believe everyone should have to kill, gut, and cut their own meat at least once in their life so they more of a respect for what is on their plate and in doing so they’ll not only find it tastes better, but they will appreciate what is in front of them instead of taking for granted these every day items they can buy off the shelf.

Ideally, I’d have about 20 to 50acres and I’ll kill one lamb and/or cow a year and that meat will last a whole year at a cost that is far cheaper to me, but also at a cost of understanding and respect of what is in front of me. Not only that, but you can then go on to share with your family and provide a cheaper and healthier lifestyle for them.

I’ll provide updates and pictures of my vegie garden as it takes place and hopefully inspire others to consider doing the same as organically as possible.


We’ve all heard the same advice from many people before us, however, the advice of “Never work with family” rings true daily in my life. With my father the managing director, me the operations manager and my brother an employee who rebels on every little instruction and direction, compelled by laziness and his false perception that he is fantastic at what he does at the tender age of 21. He does my head in every damn day, but how far do you go when dealing with family? I would have sacked any other employee so would it be viewed as a dog act to sack him?

My brother has never worked for another employer in this industry and since completing his apprenticeship with us, he has stayed on as a technical employee, however, he doesn’t have this thirst for knowledge or pure drive of passion with what he does. He needs to go work for someone else and be treated like every other employee before he understands how easy of a life he leads. He needs to learn to take responsibility for his actions both on the job and in his every day life. He believes his out of work actions don’t reflect on work, but when he makes stupid decisions in his car resulting in police wanting him to take his vehicle over the pits, he needs time off work to do so and thus it’s always short notice. He is a prime example why working for family is a big no no.

Dad and I have had a rough working relationship at times and it sometimes spills out into the workshop where the other staff can hear and see what goes on. The problem with this is they tend to lose respect for you for it, but also feel awkward working in an environment where this takes place. It’s something we try to keep behind closed doors, however, it’s also sometimes just one of those things that happens. Dad and I have a different way of approaching situations and and as such make different decisions. Dad is the managing director so for all intensive purposes what he says goes. Unfortunately I’m his son and regardless where I sit in the chain of command, I feel compelled to challenge certain decisions and situations. The irony here is the fact here I am doing the same thing at a different level as my brother is. Hence, once again, working with family is flawed.


I’ve touched based on some negative situations when working with family, however, I should also mention that there are some huge benefits too. I can leave work when I like, I can spend the business money how I like, and I can ultimately take control of my job without being dictated in any major way of how I do things. I have a huge passion for what I do and as a tradesmen I have immense pride in what I do. Those who sit in an office day to day behind a screen think of us as no bodies, however, I can quite easily do the same, but why sit behind four walls in front of a screen when I can use my hands and brain and challenge myself daily with different problems? It’s us tradesmen that keep the world moving. We maintain the very things you take for granted in every day life. I’m derailing from my topic slightly here, however, I think I make my point.

All in all, working with family has side effects on personal relationships as well as the families ability to socialise with one another out side of work. On the flip side though, we’re all building and working towards our own incomes and growth and at the end of the day living a more relaxed lifestyle directed by ourselves is far more enjoyable than that of someone who works for someone else. Granted, at times I do wonder whether working for someone else would be easier? Some food for thought.

Perfectionism is a term that gets thrown around from time to time, but has anyone considered how it can actually effect people in a negative manner? I say negative manner, but in hindsight it could possibly be just as positive when reflecting on something you’ve done or a project you’ve completed.

For me it’s a negative attribute I feel I have. In ways I feel it does assist me in doing the best I can, but majority of the time I find it a burden on everything I do. I have so many projects at home and work I know I can do and find them fantastic time spenders, however, here is a fine line between starting and finishing something, and spending time to ensure it’s the best possible project of it’s kind.

Take painting for instance. I’ve been in the process of painting my house for some time. We moved in to a lovely place, however, it was completely pale pink. A disgusting colour I’ve wanted to rid of since we moved in. 3 years on and we’re still putting up with some of it.I started painting with the view of doing a room at a time. By painting a room at a time, I could furnish it completely, shut the door and know that it’s 100% complete. This is a great idea although when factoring me into the equation, it’s a bad idea. It took me 4 weeks to paint 1 room; a long time I know, but why? I’m a perfectionist! Each line, each brush MUST be perfect and if not I do it again. This is so depressing and draining on me sometimes as I just want to finish something although I just can’t fathom starting something and doing a half ass job only to go back and have to do it again.

My long time dream is to have some acreage where I can grow my own food and kill for my own meat. This might sound prehistoric, however, the idea of going to the shop and buying what ever we like I think just takes away from the intimacy of eating the food. Since when did we lose the respect for the food on our plate? We take for granted the ability of throwing something on our plate with no idea how it got to the shop in the first place. I feel by killing your own food brings a respect and care for the food you eat and ensures you enjoy it that much more.

I have a relatively large space in the front yard I have an image of converting into a vegie patch, however, my perfectionism is getting in the way and I fear starting it and failing. Why do I have a fear of failing? Is is something I’ve been brought up with or developed along the way? I’ve fallen off bikes or hurt myself doing things due to my mistakes and failing and have managed to pick myself up and go again, again, and again. Why is it though when something large scale comes up and the fear of failing knowing others will see it effects me so much? The image I have of the completed front yard is one that is quite defined and in many ways “Professional” in look and touch and to fail this look will kill me inside. Knowing that my failing is the only way I can learn plays hand in hand with my fear of failing and being judged by my failures.

No great man/woman rich or poor has ever succeeded without failing. Those humble failings make us who we are and here I am holding myself back from these lessons that could otherwise define my character.

I will create this garden and after this wedding, I’m placing my focus on getting it done in time for spring! Hoorah!

My Wedding

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It’s just shy of 6 weeks before I get married. I know its fast, but it’s been over a year in the making and yet we’ve only recently decided on everything as well as made bookings. Frankly I’m extremely excited and am looking forward to being married to the love of my life. We’ve been together 6 years and in that time we’ve had some turbulent times, however, nothing to date has been able to separate us or break us apart. Our bond gets stronger and stronger as time goes on and I know that sounds so cliché` but it couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

I started getting stressed out early in the year. If it wasn’t work causing my stress and problems, it was my girlfriend and her inability to make decisions and stand her ground. To top it off, I had nothing but hassles and problems from family and friends who kept hassling me on when this date was or when that date was and when we were having kids. Frankly I felt like telling them to f*** off! A few months on and am happy to say I can put those times behind me somewhat. Although now I have another set of circumstances where by family want to invite extended family and the number of people just keeps growing. We WANT a small wedding, not some huge wedding with every bloke and his dog attending. Here we are again, stressing out about what everyone thinks and feels. I’ve had it with them all. We are standing our ground and we will invite who we want to invite and we WILL have a small intimate wedding as intended.

To all those out there soon to be married, stand you ground with your families. This is your day not theirs and as much as they want to be involved, you need to think of yourself if it is at least this one time in your life.

God bless and peace!